Coco Cultiva Coir Brick

Coco Cultiva Coir Brick
Coconut Fiber Growing Medium
2 cu.ft


Coconut Fiber Growing Medium for maximum aeration and water retention!  Great Growing Medium!

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Product Description

Coco Cultiva Coir Brick – Coconut Fiber Growing Medium – 2 cu.ft , 11.0 Lbs
Coco Cultiva Compressed bricks are composed of low sodium coconut coir and chips. Each brick will expand to about 2.5 gallons when re-hydrated with water. The Coir brick provides excellent water retention and the Chip brick improves aeration. A custom mixture of the two creates an ideal growing medium for a specific growing environment.
Deep in the heart of Southern India lies Pollachi, the tropical village where this brick was born.  This lush hamlet and it’s surrounding lands owe much of their beauty to coconut fiber (coir), enhancing the soil as a crucial part of cultivation for generations. This easy-to-use organic coir brick is calcium enriched and PH neutral for maximum versatility.  Just add water as directed, and the brick will expand to five times its size, staying aerated while it serves as an unparalleled growing medium for nutrient and water retention.

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Weight 12.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 7 in