Orchid Focus Bloom Formula- 32 oz.

Orchid Focus Bloom Formula – 32 oz.


Orchid Focus Bloom Formula! Promotes larger blooms while extending flower life! Suitable for all species and hybrids!

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Product Description

Orchid Focus™ Bloom Formula promotes larger blooms and more blooms per spike, while extending the life of flowers. It is also suitable for all species and hybrids, the vast majority of which will benefit from a regular feeding schedule. This is especially applicable when preparing plants for exhibition or sale.

  • Orchid focus is a dedicated and highly specialized nutrient solution for orchids that ensures optimal flower production and is based on over twenty years experience of formulations for commercial growers.
  • Orchid Focus Bloom has enhanced levels of phosphorus and potassium to support heavy flowering.
  • Contains a complex profile of minerals and organic compounds.
  • Orchid Focus is crafted in two separate formulations for the different needs of orchids during the growth and blooming cycles.

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